Accomplished Split Operation With The Help Of Pst Repair Tool

Outlook 2003 is the oldest email client application. All the feature that your use in this version are new and not highly advance. Outlook 2003 has greater size limitations. You can store data upto 20GB. With latest version size limitations gets enhanced. It is made to 2GB. If you are using outlook 2003 that means you can save large data without any problem.

Large data doesn’t means that you cans ave data beyond 20GB. Before saving mails data, you should check remaining capacity of pst file. Because if it will not contain any extra space than you may face problem while saving new data. While saving large data user face many issues while sending or accessing pst file.

List of some problems that occur with large pst file are: 

1. User may lose mails from pst file.
2. Problem occur while sending and receiving messages or mails.
3. Outlook runs very slow.
4. You can face difficulty in attaching mails.
5. To store new messages or mails you have to delete old ones.

To solve all issues of large pst file you have to split it into small parts. Without splitting large mails you can’t fix outlook problems. Scanpst.exe can’t solve your problems. If you will use it to split outlook mails than it won’t work efficiently. You have to change your option to use inbuilt tool.

Don’t you know how to split pst file in outlook2003? If you want another tool to divide pst file into mall parts than use pst repair tool. All oversized pst file can easily be split into manageable parts. You can also maintain Log report file. With all outlook version this utility is compatible. After splitting large files you can easily access pst file at any time. Mails , messages are also prevented from losing.

More Feature that pst repair tool contain: 

1. Divide all mails, messages, notes,etc.
2. All error message can be fixed by using pst repair tool.
3. Level of corruption goes down.
4. Split outlook files on the basis of date , size, folder.
5. Multiple large pst file can be split at same time.
6. All split parts become independent to each other.
7. You can save all parts at same place or different place.

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