Cannot Repair Pst File With Scanpst.exe?? Go For Pst Repair Tool

Nowadays mails are important part of one’s life. Some user uses MS Outlook for their professional purpose or some uses it for personal reason. Choices may vary but the working of outlook remain same for all of them. This email client application is very easy to send mails or to receive mails. Outlook is widely used on windows operating system.

Personal storage table stores all mails, messages, notes, journals. To access any file from  network you have to access only pst file. As data is secure in pst folder but sometime it gets lost or corrupted. Reasons for corruption of pst file are virus attack, hardware problem, etc. These problem are also causes for deletion of pst file. When you send corrupt pst file by any outlook version you get error messages. Some can be seen as follows:

1. Cannot find .pst file.
2. Unknown error 0x80040600.
3. Outlook.pst has reached it’s maximum size.
4. The file xxx.pst could not be found.

To fix all problems you must want to use scanpst.exe. Sometime inbuilt tool work without any issue. If it happens with than you can easily repair header section of pst file. But most of the time you will find scanpst.exe throwing error message. Most common error message of inbuilt tool of outlook is “scanpst.exe is not responding”. This error message is very usual to get. It appear when:

1. Size of pst file is large.
2. Corruption is severe.
3. If scanspt.exe is not installed properly.

Once you will get scanpst.exe is not responding error message than user can’t use inbuilt tool any more. Every time you will get this error message whenever you will try to repair pst file. If your scanpst.exe is not working any more than you can use pst repair tool. This software is very powerful in compared to inbuilt tool. You will fix all error message that occur with pst file. Tool is designed with rich interface to help all needy user.

You can run this tool on any device which contain windows operating system. Any version of outlook whose scanpst.exe fails to work, you can use pat repair tool. all the recovered pst file can be saved at some safe place. Software allow user to see list of pst file before they can use this tool. it’s advance feature allow suer to split files into small units. They can also recover their lost or damaged password.


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Cannot Repair Pst File With Scanpst.exe?? Go For Pst Repair Tool, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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