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Microsoft Outlook represents and is perfect email application for communication used for business and personal purposes. It is an important and centralized email client application that manges mails and stores the data pertaining to contacts, calendars, appointments etc in the personal storage table or PST file format. Since PST files can sometimes be remarkably unstable and in such cases they are prone to get corrupted. Besides there are several other causes for Outlook corruption that cannot be ruled out.

Some of them are highlighted below as

  • virus corruption
  • over sized PST files exceeding 2 GB limit
  • header corruption
  • abrupt or improper shutdown of Windows

all the above or any one of the above stated cause can make the Outlook vulnerable to corruption and can damage the PST files. Thus eventually the users are unable to access the outlook data and can even lose them. If you want to access the data, the PST files have to be repaired using scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool. It is an inbuilt tool that comes as free utility preloaded from Microsoft and can be used for repairing PST file corruption of low intensity. The tool is a single executable file which is located in the hidden folder in Program files/ Common Files/ System/ MSMAPI/1033 of the C drive. However, its location varies with Outlook version and Windows OS used in the Computer. If the users are unable to locate it, they can free download inbox repair tool from the Microsoft’s Official website and store it on the desired location. But the scanpst.exe has limited use and is not very efficient in repairing severely corrupted PST files.


Thus if scanpst.exe is unable to work and scan the damaged PST files, then users can opt for third party Outlook PST repair tool. One can easily download trial version of inbox pst repair tool to evaluate and analyze how capable it is. The tool works best to repair the damaged PST files and fix all the related Outlook errors. Simply follow the steps given below and know how to use inbox repair tool.

User Guide: How To Use the trial version of inbox PST repair tool

Step 1: Download the trial version of software and then click on ‘Select Outlook Data File’ dialog box from Windows hard drive.

Step 2:  Press the ‘START’ button To start the scanning and repairing process of damaged PST files.

Step 3: Press ‘STOP’ button to stop scanning process, if you wish.

Step 4:  preview all listed damaged PST file in the left pane, Once the scanning is over.

Step 5:  Press ‘Save Recovered File’ button, to save PST files to the  required destination.

Step 6: A progress bar confirms the saving process.

Step 7: access your PST files and items after saving the desired files. but for that you have to purchase the full version of the software.

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