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Scanpst.exe or inbox pst repair tool is a single executable file that can be used to repair the damaged and corrupted PST files of MS Outlook. It is a free utility by Microsoft and gets installed by default with MS Office suite. Since, scanpst.exe is located in the hidden folders, the users might face problem in locating the exact path. Its location varies depending on the Outlook version and operating system used on the computer. Since the utility is inbuilt and facilitated by Microsoft in every Outlook version, users need not download inbox pst repair tool. One can find scanpst.exe in the system drive \Program Files\System\MAPI\1033\95 or NT. If the users, still fail to locate this utility or unable to find it, they can can easily go for freeware download inbox pst repair tool directly from Microsoft’s official website and save it on the desired location of their computer.

However, it is important for the users to know that Microsoft Inbox Repair tool is not always reliable as it cannot repair corrupted PST files in every scenario. There are certain flaws the way it works and is suitable for repairing header corruption in Outlook. Header corruption generally takes place when the Outlook version is upgraded. It repairs the header of the PST files and deletes other data which, it is unable to read on. Thus it severely destroys the Outlook data and deletes all the items present in the mailbox. Ultimately, users might lose all the important emails while using the tool. It also fails to repair PST corruption when the PST files over grows in size and exceeds the limitation of 2 GB mark. In some cases, scanpst.exe hangs itself and cannot be used due to its faulty installation. Thus it can create further problems for the Outlook users. Thus users must consider the negative aspect before they opt for freeware download of inbox pst repair tool.

Thus Outlook users might switch to third party Outlook PST repair tool as it is better alternative to Microsoft’s scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool. It is the safest and convenient way to repair damaged PST files in Outlook 2007, 2010 and earlier version and fix Outlook corruption irrespective of any circumstances.

User Guide

Step 1: Click on ‘Select Outlook Data File’ dialog box to select  the required PST file after downloading Inbox PST Repair

Step 2: Press ‘START’ button To initiate the scanning and repairing process of damaged or corrupt PST files.

Step 3:  Press ‘STOP’ button, if you wish to stop scanning process anytime

Step 4: Get the preview of entire damaged PST file in the left pane once the scanning process is completed.

Step 5: Press ‘Save Recovered File’ button, in order to save repaired PST files to the desired destination and then click on OK.

Step 6: The progress bar confirms the cognitive saving process of PST files

Step 7: After successfully saving the files, open and access your PST files and items easily.


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