Split Large Pst File On The Basis Of Date

 Microsoft outlook as email client application gain many popularity. Lots of user are nowadays prefer to use this application to store mails ,messages and for sending mails. There is size limitations with older version of outlook. You can’t easily open large size pst file easily. Beyond 2GB you can’t add any more data to email client application folder. To overcome problem of large file size Microsoft has provided scanpst.exe. It repair header of corrupt pst file. But inbuilt tool doesn’t have too much capability to split pst file by date or size. To perform splitting operation you have to use third party which can split pst file into equal and independent unit.

Let you explain all situation with some example:

Suppose you are using outlook 2002 as email client application. You have store data upto 2GB. Now you want to save more mails beyond 2GB. If you will do so with older version of outlook you will get error message. Once error message will display on screen than your pst file gets corrupted and you can’t do any further operation.

This problem occur in earlier version only because they uses ANSI format. In unicode format user were storing data upto 20GB.

To solve this problem you can

  1. Change format of outlook by changing it’s version. Choose some lower version of email client application.
  2. 2nd way is to use pst repair tool:

 iTune is not so strong to split pst file so you have to use some advance software to split any large file. Pst repair tool is made with some algorithm which can split your files on the basis of size and date. Tool allow their user to store files independently. You don’t have to save all splitted file at one place. You can open any part of 1 file at any time. Large file easily gets corrupted. So it is better to split them by size or date. Pst file corrupts when size increases. You can repair corrupt pst file with the use of pst repair tool.


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