Accomplished Split Operation With The Help Of Pst Repair Tool

Outlook 2003 is the oldest email client application. All the feature that your use in this version are new and not highly advance. Outlook 2003 has greater size limitations. You can store data upto 20GB. With latest version size limitations gets enhanced. It is made to 2GB. If you are using outlook 2003 that means you can save large data without any problem.

Large data doesn’t means that you cans ave data beyond 20GB. Before saving mails data, you should check remaining capacity of pst file. Because if it will not contain any extra space than you may face problem while saving new data. While saving large data user face many issues while sending or accessing pst file.

List of some problems that occur with large pst file are: 

1. User may lose mails from pst file.
2. Problem occur while sending and receiving messages or mails.
3. Outlook runs very slow.
4. You can face difficulty in attaching mails.
5. To store new messages or mails you have to delete old ones.

To solve all issues of large pst file you have to split it into small parts. Without splitting large mails you can’t fix outlook problems. Scanpst.exe can’t solve your problems. If you will use it to split outlook mails than it won’t work efficiently. You have to change your option to use inbuilt tool.

Don’t you know how to split pst file in outlook2003? If you want another tool to divide pst file into mall parts than use pst repair tool. All oversized pst file can easily be split into manageable parts. You can also maintain Log report file. With all outlook version this utility is compatible. After splitting large files you can easily access pst file at any time. Mails , messages are also prevented from losing.

More Feature that pst repair tool contain: 

1. Divide all mails, messages, notes,etc.
2. All error message can be fixed by using pst repair tool.
3. Level of corruption goes down.
4. Split outlook files on the basis of date , size, folder.
5. Multiple large pst file can be split at same time.
6. All split parts become independent to each other.
7. You can save all parts at same place or different place.

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Cannot Repair Pst File With Scanpst.exe?? Go For Pst Repair Tool

Nowadays mails are important part of one’s life. Some user uses MS Outlook for their professional purpose or some uses it for personal reason. Choices may vary but the working of outlook remain same for all of them. This email client application is very easy to send mails or to receive mails. Outlook is widely used on windows operating system.

Personal storage table stores all mails, messages, notes, journals. To access any file from  network you have to access only pst file. As data is secure in pst folder but sometime it gets lost or corrupted. Reasons for corruption of pst file are virus attack, hardware problem, etc. These problem are also causes for deletion of pst file. When you send corrupt pst file by any outlook version you get error messages. Some can be seen as follows:

1. Cannot find .pst file.
2. Unknown error 0x80040600.
3. Outlook.pst has reached it’s maximum size.
4. The file xxx.pst could not be found.

To fix all problems you must want to use scanpst.exe. Sometime inbuilt tool work without any issue. If it happens with than you can easily repair header section of pst file. But most of the time you will find scanpst.exe throwing error message. Most common error message of inbuilt tool of outlook is “scanpst.exe is not responding”. This error message is very usual to get. It appear when:

1. Size of pst file is large.
2. Corruption is severe.
3. If scanspt.exe is not installed properly.

Once you will get scanpst.exe is not responding error message than user can’t use inbuilt tool any more. Every time you will get this error message whenever you will try to repair pst file. If your scanpst.exe is not working any more than you can use pst repair tool. This software is very powerful in compared to inbuilt tool. You will fix all error message that occur with pst file. Tool is designed with rich interface to help all needy user.

You can run this tool on any device which contain windows operating system. Any version of outlook whose scanpst.exe fails to work, you can use pat repair tool. all the recovered pst file can be saved at some safe place. Software allow user to see list of pst file before they can use this tool. it’s advance feature allow suer to split files into small units. They can also recover their lost or damaged password.


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Split Large Pst File On The Basis Of Date

 Microsoft outlook as email client application gain many popularity. Lots of user are nowadays prefer to use this application to store mails ,messages and for sending mails. There is size limitations with older version of outlook. You can’t easily open large size pst file easily. Beyond 2GB you can’t add any more data to email client application folder. To overcome problem of large file size Microsoft has provided scanpst.exe. It repair header of corrupt pst file. But inbuilt tool doesn’t have too much capability to split pst file by date or size. To perform splitting operation you have to use third party which can split pst file into equal and independent unit.

Let you explain all situation with some example:

Suppose you are using outlook 2002 as email client application. You have store data upto 2GB. Now you want to save more mails beyond 2GB. If you will do so with older version of outlook you will get error message. Once error message will display on screen than your pst file gets corrupted and you can’t do any further operation.

This problem occur in earlier version only because they uses ANSI format. In unicode format user were storing data upto 20GB.

To solve this problem you can

  1. Change format of outlook by changing it’s version. Choose some lower version of email client application.
  2. 2nd way is to use pst repair tool:

 iTune is not so strong to split pst file so you have to use some advance software to split any large file. Pst repair tool is made with some algorithm which can split your files on the basis of size and date. Tool allow their user to store files independently. You don’t have to save all splitted file at one place. You can open any part of 1 file at any time. Large file easily gets corrupted. So it is better to split them by size or date. Pst file corrupts when size increases. You can repair corrupt pst file with the use of pst repair tool.


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Download Free Trial Version of Inbox PST Repair Tool

Microsoft Outlook represents and is perfect email application for communication used for business and personal purposes. It is an important and centralized email client application that manges mails and stores the data pertaining to contacts, calendars, appointments etc in the personal storage table or PST file format. Since PST files can sometimes be remarkably unstable and in such cases they are prone to get corrupted. Besides there are several other causes for Outlook corruption that cannot be ruled out.

Some of them are highlighted below as

  • virus corruption
  • over sized PST files exceeding 2 GB limit
  • header corruption
  • abrupt or improper shutdown of Windows

all the above or any one of the above stated cause can make the Outlook vulnerable to corruption and can damage the PST files. Thus eventually the users are unable to access the outlook data and can even lose them. If you want to access the data, the PST files have to be repaired using scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool. It is an inbuilt tool that comes as free utility preloaded from Microsoft and can be used for repairing PST file corruption of low intensity. The tool is a single executable file which is located in the hidden folder in Program files/ Common Files/ System/ MSMAPI/1033 of the C drive. However, its location varies with Outlook version and Windows OS used in the Computer. If the users are unable to locate it, they can free download inbox repair tool from the Microsoft’s Official website and store it on the desired location. But the scanpst.exe has limited use and is not very efficient in repairing severely corrupted PST files.


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Free Download Inbox PST Repair Tool for Windows Vista,7 and 8

MS Outlook users can encounter issues and problems while accessing the saved PST files. In fact, whatever Outlook version might be used and whichever OS might be installed, the possibilities for damaged PST files cannot be ruled out. This is the reason why Microsoft has designed an official inbuilt tool named as scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool. Some of the users often complain about error messages they experience on MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 with Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Unknown error messages including 0x80040119 and 0x80040600 are most common. Moreover sometimes the Outlook users also witness problem of unknown error due to messaging interface. Clearly all these problems are re;lated to PST file corruption in someway or the other. As it is well known that PST or personal storage table file is responsible for storing the data and includes emails, attachments, notes, journals, calendars etc. fortunately, every Outlook version is provided with inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe to scan and analyze the PST file corruption. But newbie can face problems while locating the inbuilt utility as it remains hidden in the folders.

 In some cases, after locating the scanpst.exe, it is found that the utility has been damaged due to faulty installation or incomplete Outlook installation. In such cases, users are advised to free download inbox pst repair for windows Vista,7 and 8 from Microsoft’s official website, depending on the OS installed on their system accordingly. It can be saved on the desired location thereafter. But it is worth stating, that the tool is not ultimate solution and cannot be relied for overcoming Outlook corruption in every situations. It miserably fails and hangs whenever it is used to scan corruption of over sized and voluminous PST files. There is a size limitation of 2 GB in ANSI format only and beyond that it is bound to fail.


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Free Download Inbox PST Repair Tool 2007, 2010 To Repair PST Files

MS Outlook is most common email client application that is used by Windows users. It serves the best when it comes to organizing Outlook data such as emails, attachments, contacts, notes, memos etc. it is best described as best business communication utility. Although Outlook 2007 and 2010 are among the latest versions of Outlook and are stable to work on. But like previous versions, they are also not perfect and liable to corruption. You must be familiar as an Outlook user, the data gets stored as pst file format and if corrupted can lead to the crashing of MS Outlook. In such event, you need to use PST repair tool. Scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool is the inbuilt tool that is included by the Microsoft for repairing PST corruption of low density. It is an official Microsoft’s repair tool and is present by default in every popular versions including Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and its earlier versions.

Inbox repair tool is present in the hidden folders and its location varies with the version, thus Outlook newbie can face problem in locating the utility. The users need not download inbox pst repair tool 2007, 2010 as this is an inbuilt utility offered by Microsoft to repair Outlook error and PST corruption. Scanpst.exe is embedded in the hidden folder and can be located here

For Outlook 2007

  • C: /Program Files /Microsoft Office /Office12
  • C: /Program Files /Microsoft Office(x86) /Office12

For Outlook 2010

  • C: /Program Files /Microsoft Office /Office14
  • C: /Program Files /Microsoft Office(x86) /Office14

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Microsoft Freeware Download Inbox PST Repair Tool

Scanpst.exe or inbox pst repair tool is a single executable file that can be used to repair the damaged and corrupted PST files of MS Outlook. It is a free utility by Microsoft and gets installed by default with MS Office suite. Since, scanpst.exe is located in the hidden folders, the users might face problem in locating the exact path. Its location varies depending on the Outlook version and operating system used on the computer. Since the utility is inbuilt and facilitated by Microsoft in every Outlook version, users need not download inbox pst repair tool. One can find scanpst.exe in the system drive \Program Files\System\MAPI\1033\95 or NT. If the users, still fail to locate this utility or unable to find it, they can can easily go for freeware download inbox pst repair tool directly from Microsoft’s official website and save it on the desired location of their computer.

However, it is important for the users to know that Microsoft Inbox Repair tool is not always reliable as it cannot repair corrupted PST files in every scenario. There are certain flaws the way it works and is suitable for repairing header corruption in Outlook. Header corruption generally takes place when the Outlook version is upgraded. It repairs the header of the PST files and deletes other data which, it is unable to read on. Thus it severely destroys the Outlook data and deletes all the items present in the mailbox. Ultimately, users might lose all the important emails while using the tool. It also fails to repair PST corruption when the PST files over grows in size and exceeds the limitation of 2 GB mark. In some cases, scanpst.exe hangs itself and cannot be used due to its faulty installation. Thus it can create further problems for the Outlook users. Thus users must consider the negative aspect before they opt for freeware download of inbox pst repair tool.

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